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RK(B) Rectangular Duct Type Fans

  • RK(B) Rectangular Duct Type Fan (Maximum air volume 12.500 m3/h),
  • 400 x 200 - 1000 x 500 mm in the range of 8 different cross sections certified in accordance with international standards of 14 different models,
  • RKB, galvanised steel with forward curved blade,
  • RKB, backward curved aluminum alloy rare blade,
  • Due to the special design, air turbulence is minimized,the galvanized steel body which allows mounting at any angle,high efficiency, high external static pressure, low noise level due to hinged connection its quick and easy to clean the
  • blades and motor,
  • The opportunity to work in humid environments, protection class IP 44 (Electrical connection box IP 54),
  • Single-phase automatic thermic protection,three-phase motors with an thermic protection output,
  • Maintenance free bearing, external rotor motors capability to make speed controls between 0 to 100% capacity.
  • Silencer
  • Flexible Connection
  • Shutters
  • Speed Switch
  • The Filter
  • One-Way Valve

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