About Venco


İMCO, which started its business activities in 1992 and has been representative of prominent European manufacturers, led to the foundation of VENCO by making use of its know-how at the production. The production success of VENCO has beeen going on since 200 through increasing sales volume and new product developments.

VENCO, that has been operating based on the engineering principles since it has been founded, has been going on its production and business activities at Turgutlu Organized Industrial District since 2010.

Experience Over 26 Years

Venco, utilizing up-to-date standards, production and test technologies in order to carry out the production in conformance with the international standards in ventilation industry is active in production, domestic and overseas sales of its wide product range including;

• Heat Recovery Units
• Duct and Central Type Electrical Heaters
• Jet Fan Systems
• Smoke Exhaust and Axial Fans
• Explosion Proof (EX-Proof) Fans
• Duct, Roof and Kitchen Type Fans
• Circular Ducts
• Silencers and Fan Accessories

Continuous Innovation Policy

VENCO, by prioritizing Research & Development and Product Development activities, aims to protect the environment by developing highly efficient products. VENCO, one of the leading companies in its industry by its increasing export volume and continuously making new investments in its own facilities, carries out its activities with sustainability policy.


VENCO products are sold in more than 40 countries in 4 continents through domestic and overseas sales channels and are actively utilized in many exclusive projects.