Car Park Ventilation Systems

Jet fan system is used for exhaust of smoke and harmful gases under control in case a fire occurs at car parks besides daily ventilation of car parks. It prevents smoke to diffuse whole car park and provides fire escapes to be smoke free in order to allow people to escape safely. Thus, it prevents people to get poisoned and smothered. Fire fighters can access to the source of fire to tackle. It minimizes harms of smoke and high temperature in car parks.

The fans that are used in the Jet Fan System must be certified regarding to EN 12101-3 Standard and F300 (300°C, 2 hours) or F400 (400°C, 2 hours) fire resistant classes.

The jet fan system would not only keep your car park safe and but also reduce energy cost of the car park by the reliable system solution provided by professional and expert team of VENCO.

A complete Jet Fan System is provided by VENCO including;

  • Jet Fan System Products and Accessories(Certified regarding to EN 12101-3 Standard and F300 (300°C, 2 hours) or F400 (400°C, 2 hours) fire resistant classes
  • Mechanical Design
  • CFD Analysis
  • Commissioning
  • Cold Smoke Test


Working Principles

  • Induction (radial) and/or Impulse (axial) jet fans with different capacities and types could be used to make a proper design and fulfill the requirements of a jet fan system.
  • The jet fans with differing trusts and types are located in a layout to ensure that there is no stagnant air in the selected zone.
  • The jet fans would run at lower speeds to exhaust CO and other harmful gases generated by vehicles and so operating cost for daily usage would decrease.
  • The jet fans would run at higher speeds to restrict the fire area by preventing the smoke to diffuse whole car park. The harmful gases and smoke would be exhausted in a short time.
  • The jet fans increase visibility of the firemen and so they can approach to the fire zone up to 10 m distance. Thus, the firemen can extinguish fire in a short time so whole car park doesn’t get damaged.


Features and Benefits of Jet Fan System

  • Higher system performance – Smoke is controlled very well and so jet fan system provides higher efficiency and quicker smoke extraction.
  • Lower installation cost – Jet Fans move air by their thrust so no ductwork is required. Thus, installation cost decreases
  • Lower energy consumption – Total fan power is less since there is no duct pressure loss. Total energy consumption is 40% less than the conventional system.
  • Lower electrical system cost – Emergency power generator will be smaller with lower cost
  • Shorter installation time – Installation and commissioning are faster so installation and commissioning costs reduce
  • Easier service – Service, maintenance and repair are easier since the jet fans can be easily reached by the workers
  • Easier design – It does not coincide with the other mechanical and electrical equipment since there is no ductwork
  • Lower construction cost – Installation of jet fans between downstream beams reduces height of car park floors so construction costs get lowered
  • There is not any loss of parking area since there is no vertical ductwork. Thus, number of parking spots increase compared with the conventional system.