Digital Transformation in VENCO

Jul 14, 2020 Posted by: VENCO News

VENCO enhances the efficiencies of their business processes by transferring them to the digital platforms. Moreover, the corporate memory is improved by opening all data sources to the common usage of their staff.

VENCO Sales Team is creating project proposals on VENCO CRM besides following up the production and shipment processes of the orders.

VENCO Marketing Team enhances the company reputation and product awareness and also reaches new clients through the Digital Marketing Tools.

VENCO Purchasing Team follows the inventory levels digitally and creates purchasing orders by gathering and analyzing the purchasing requests on VENCO CRM.

VENCO R&D Team makes project plans by gathering the requests of new product development and product modification on VENCO CRM.

VENCO Production Team creates production orders through the tablet computers in the production area and shares the information about the production situation of the orders with relevant departments on VENCO CRM.

VENCO Quality Management Team creates and follows up the nonconformities and corrective actions on VENCO CRM.

VENCO Management Team takes required actions on time by following up the efficiencies of the business processes and departments with the instant reports that can be taken from VENCO CRM.