Efficient Ventilation with EC Fan

Energy consumption of the ventilation systems is determined by energy efficiency values of the system components. When system components are analyzed, fans have a great importance. Thus, usage of the fans with EC motor having higher energy efficiency values has been increasing in the ventilation sector day by day to design more efficient ventilation systems.

EC motors are known as DC motor as well. They were designed by T.G. Wilson and P.H Trickey in 1962. EC motors designed without brushes wipe the need of physical switch out distinctly from DC motors. EC motors involving an electronic driver enlarge the control range and increase energy efficiency. Moreover, it enables the motors with small capacities to operate at higher efficiency rates and also allows the motors to operate at higher revolutions than AC motors.

High efficient ventilation systems are becoming obligatory with the last regulations especially in Europe. It is almost impossible to provide the energy efficiency values in the regulations without the fans with EC motor.

Also, the fans with EC motor having high energy efficiency values enable designers to create the systems with lower consumption rates. Furthermore, the fans with EC motor reduce the damage on the nature by requiring less energy to operate. Using the fans with EC motor in the ventilation systems is vital to decrease carbon footprint at the present time in which the importance of nature conversation is perceived. Also, we keep the significance of carbon footprint generated in the production and recycling process in our mind to protect the nature.

Energy efficiency also provides cost saving along with nature conversation by reducing operating costs through lower energy consumption. Although the investments costs are higher in the ventilation system involving the fans with EC motor, the lower operating costs trade off the higher investments costs and make the investments profitable in the long-term.

The fans with EC motors generate less heat compared with the fans with AC motors. Thus, the economic lives of the motor components are higher and so the fans can be used longer times.

VENCO pays a great attention to produce the fans with EC motors and so we are extending our product range in this aspect.


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