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VAB Bifurcated Axial Fans


VENCO VAB Bifurcated Axial Fans are used for exhausting dust-laden, oily and high temperature smoke and gases. Their compact design protects the motor from any harm. The fans are suitable for industrial and commercial applications and the best matching fan is supplied in the wide range by selecting several blade hub combinations in the optimum capacity.

  • 4 different diameters in the range of Ø500-1000 mm
  • Air flow value up to 45.000 m³/h
  • The motor is outside of the air stream
  • BS790 hot dip galvanized sheet metal fan casing
  • Aluminum and aerodynamic profiled impellers allow high efficiency and low noise
  • Cylindrical models
  • Electrical motors with IP 55 and maintenance-free bearings
  • Reliable utilization for exhausting oily, corrosive and dust-laden air in the Kitchen Hood Applications
  • The compact design allows easy and quick connection to ducts
  • Continuous operating temperature is 120 ºC

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