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VAX-JR Reversible Axial Jet Fans


Jet fans activate the air in the car park area. And they are placed in series and parallel to cover the all car park area. They direct the harmful gases and/or the smoke towards the main extract fans. By the way, the car park is kept clean in daily use and also it is ensured that people can escape safely and the fire brigade can easily intervene in case of a fire. Unidirectional and reversible models provide flexibility for system design.

Features and Benefits
  • Axial jet fans have silencers at both sides to provide a laminar air flow besides reducing noise level.
  • Reversible jet fans have deflectors at both sides.
  • The jet fans are tested and approved at 300°C temperature for 2 hours in compliance with EN 12101-3 standard.
  • Two speed motors with IP 55 motor protection class and H class insulation.

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