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VDSF Duct Type Shelter Fans


VENCO VDSF Duct Type Shelter Fans are used in the private and public buildings and facilities. They provide protection against to the chemical, biological and nuclear war materials. The internal structure of VENCO VDSF Duct Type Shelter Fans is composed of two separate airtight sections. Fresh air is passed through the G4 filter for daily usage, but fresh air is passed through the G4 filter, active carbon filter and nuclear hepa filter during a nuclear strike by closing the mechanical arm down. They provide space-saving by their compact structure and mounting capability to ventilation systems on the ceilings for small shelters.

  • CE marked in compliance with applicable directives,
  • The casing is made up of galvanized steel sheet.
  • Electrostatic powder coated casing is optional.
  • Backward curved type, direct coupled and external rotor fan.
  • Easy installation with self-flanged inlets and outlets
  • Motor protection class is IP 44 and electrical connection box protection class is IP 67.
  • Accessible fan for maintenance and service
  • Reverse placed mechanical damper, which provides tightness between daily usage and usage during a nuclear strike, prevents nuclear fall outs to enter into the shelter area.
  • G4, Active Carbon and Nuclear Hepa Filters are supplied as standard.
  • Speed controllers are optional.

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