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VHR ER Energy Recovery Unit


VENCO VHR ER energy recovery units, are designed to have high efficiency by using rotary type heat exchangers. The efficiency of VHR ER units is about 80% and this value is higher than the efficiency of VHR units (aluminum plate heat exchangers) at least 25%. By the way, the supply air temperature will be too close to the room temperature and it would not be necessary to use additional heater. Rotary  type eat exchangers transfer the humidity as well as the heat. By the way, humidity will be transferred to the supply air from the fresh air in winter.And it is  transferred  to the exhaust air in the summer time. It helps to keep the humidity  level  close to the comfort conditions.

  • 10 standard models with CE marked,
  • Indoor air quality with synthetic filters,
  • The design, providing fast and easy installation and maintenance,
  • Low noise level and working on required capacity by using direct driven fan with 5 speeds,
  • Rotary type heat exchangers with high efficiency,
  • The excellent sound and heat isolation, due to fully insulated cabinet.

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