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VHR SX Cellulosic Heat Recovery Unit


VENCO Heat Recovery Ventilation Units (VHR) are designed for saving energy and also improving indoor air quality. VHR units provide ventilation for several applications (residential, commercial and industrial areas) by using cellulosic type exchangers, recovering heat from air to air.The heat is effectively transferred from warm to cold air by the exchangers with high conductivity, efficiency and performance.The efficiency is considerably high since there is latent heat transfer besides the sensible heat transfer.

  • 9 standard models with CE marked,
  • High efficient, direct driven AC Fans with low noise level,
  • Proper ventilation with 5 speed fans controlled separately,
  • The compact design provides easy installation and maintenance,
  • Cellulosic type exchangers with high conductivity and performance,
  • Indoor air quality with polyuretane filters,
  • Excellent sound and heat isolation with fully insulated cabinet.

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