VKE1 Volume Flow Controllers

Electronic VKE1 Volume Flow Controllers are suitable for variable air flow applications in a single duct. Maintenance-free VKE1 Volume Flow Controllers can be used in the both fresh air and exhaust air ventilation systems. They can be installed at any angles. The air flow is calculated and controlled by the modern measurement system. The modern measurement system also regulates the position of the damper blades. VKE1 Volume Flow Controllers provide energy saving by optimizing operating pressure of the ventilation systems through the efficiency signals calculated simultaneously. The differential pressure sensor in the dampers enables high precision for the reference air flow. VKE1 Volume Flow Controllers can be operated in the “variable” and “4-point” mode as well as in the “open” and “closed” mode. VKE1 Volume Flow Controllers have an Environmental Product Declaration and Hygiene Certificate.
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Hygiene Certificate
  • Maintenance-free
  • High precision by the differential pressure sensor
  • Energy saving by the efficiency signals
  • Suitable for fresh air and exhaust air ventilation systems
  • Installation possibility at any angles

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