The Fire and Smoke Control Dampers of Maltepe Park Shopping Mall Have Been Supplied by VENCO

Jul 14, 2020 Posted by: VENCO News

VENCO has been going on providing reliable and technical solutions for smoke exhaust, which is one of the most critical issues for life safety at the buildings, with supply of the fire and smoke control dampers besides the axial smoke exhaust fans.

VENCO has supplied single blade KWP Smoke Control Dampers, which are classified as ‘EI 120 (Vew,how i↔o) S 1500 C10000 AA multi’’ and Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans, which are F300 certified harmonized with EN 12101-3 standard, to the Maltepe Park Shopping Mall that has a car park whose capacity is 3500 vehicles. VENCO Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans are used with the purpose of smoke exhaust besides the daily ventilation.