The Full Car Park Ventilation System Solution and the Ventilation Fans were provided to the Piazzetta Seafront Business Plaza in Malta by VENCO

Jul 14, 2020 Posted by: VENCO News

VENCO is going on supplying their products and services to remarkable and prestigious projects in all over the world continuously.

The Full Car Park Ventilation System Solution was provided to the Piazzetta Seafront Business Plaza.  VENCO products used in the car park are radial jet fans, axial smoke exhaust fans and axial pressure differential fans besides the other car park  ventilation system elements; that are fan type air dampers, wall type air dampers and MCC Panels (Automatic Control Panels). Their capacities, quantities and locations in the car park were calculated according to the mechanical design of the car park made by VENCO’s experienced engineers. The Automatic Control Panels in the car park ensure that the jet fan system runs efficiently based on the scenarios defined by VENCO’s talented engineers.

The jet fan system was commissioned successfully by VENCO’s technical team and then Cold Smoke Test was conducted to prove that smoke is exhausted in the desired time and as it is designed in the preliminary design project.

Also, all other ventilation fans at the Business Plaza were supplied by VENCO to complement the ventilation system.