VENCO Has Been Going on Supplying its Quality Products to the Prestigious Projects in Qatar

Sep 29, 2020 Posted by: VENCO News

VENCO has been going on providing efficient and favored products to the prestigious projects in different countries in order to increase air quality thanks to its products that are compatible with global quality standards and modern production facilities.

“VENCO” VAX-S Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans, VAX-J Axial Jet Fans and Car Park Ventilation Accessories have been used in the car park of “Liberal Art and Science Building” in Qatar.

Also, “VENCO” VAX-S Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans, MCC Panels used to run the fans efficiently and properly and Fan Accessories have been supplied to the Pressurization Project of “Four Seasons Hotel” in Doha, Qatar.

“VENCO” VAX-S Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans and VAX-J Axial Jet Fans used in the projects are F300 certified harmonized with EN 12101-3.