VENCO Has Supplied Its High Quality Ventilation Products to the Factories of LG Innotek in Poland

Sep 29, 2020 Posted by: VENCO News

VENCO, which is taking firm steps forward being a global company, has been going on supplying its high quality products to the prestigious projects of world-wide known companies.

LG Innotek, which was founded in 1970, is first Korean electronic components manufacturer. It has 6 factories in 5 countries in all around the world.

VENCO Vertical Outlet Roof Type Axial Fans, Vertical Roof Type Radial Fans, Rectangular Duct Type Radial Fans and VENCO Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans have been used in the factories of LG Innotek in Poland.

“VENCO” VAX-S Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans and VAX-J Axial Jet Fans used in the projects are F300 certified harmonized with EN 12101-3.