VENCO Jet Fan System

Sep 29, 2020 Posted by: VENCO News

Jet Fan system is used for exhaust of smoke and harmful gases under control in case a fire occurs at car parks besides daily ventilation of car parks. It prevents smoke to diffuse whole car park and provides fire escapes to be smoke free in order to allow people to escape safely. Thus, it prevents people to get poisoned and smothered. Fire fighters can access to the source of fire to tackle. It minimizes harms of smoke and high temperature in car parks.

VENCO Jet Fan System would not only keep your car park safe and but also reduce energy cost of the car park by the reliable system solution. VENCO Jet Fans and Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans are certified regarding to EN 12101-3 Standard and F300 (300°C, 2 hours) and F400 (400°C, 2 hours) fire resistant classes.

A complete Jet Fan System is provided by VENCO including;

  • Jet Fan System Products and Accessories
  • Mechanical Design
  • CFD Analysis
  • Commissioning
  • Cold Smoke Test

The technical data of the fans used in VENCO Jet Fan System is reliable and accurate thanks to VENCO Fan Performance Test Chamber that was designed and constructed according to EN ISO 5801. VENCO Fan Performance Test Chamber measures air flow and pressure, motor power, fan efficiency and revolution and these measured values are transferred to VENCO Database simultaneously and processed by the software in order to create Fan Performance Test Curves. The Fan Performance Test Curves are used with the purposes of improving fan efficiencies, creating product catalogues and also generating data for “VENCO SELECTION” Fan Selection Programme that can be downloaded and used by the clients of VENCO.

Short delivery time for supplying VENCO Jet Fan System Products provides a huge advantage to VENCO over its competitors. Moreover, successful implementation of the Car Park Ventilation Projects whose total areas are more than 3.000.000 m2 demonstrates the experience of VENCO for Jet Fan System Projects.

Thanks to all points above-mentioned, VENCO is Jet Fan System Supplier of many prestigious projects in all around the world. Skyland Istanbul, Malta Quad Business Complex, Serbia Hotel Tornik, Qatar Liberal Art and Science Building and Ashgabat International Cosmetic Center are only some of them proving superiority of VENCO Jet Fan System.